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Affirmation From Shia Source Books That Abdullah Bin Saba' Is the Original Founder of Rafidi Shia Doctrines
Posted by Abu.Iyaad on Friday, September, 02 2011 and filed under History

A Mention of Shia-Trusted Sources Affirming the Existence of Abdullah bin Saba' and that He is the Original Founder of Rafidi Shia Doctrines

The first of them is Risaalah al-Irjaa' by al-Hasan bin Muhammad bin al-Hanafiyyah (d. 100H) - who is a grandson of Ali bin Abi Talib (radiallaahu anhu). This risaalah was written by him and was read out openly in Kufah. It covered the tribulations that had taken place, and a statement of deferment (putting off, delaying) about his position on Uthman (radiallaahu anhu) and his grandfather Ali (radiallaahu anhu), and he also announced his clear allegiance to Abu Bakr (radiallaahu anhu). He also spoke of the tribulations which had occurred and spoke of the Sab'iyyah (followers of Abdullah bin Saba'). The Irjaa' referred to here is not the Irjaa' of the well-known Murji'ah in the matter of eemaan (faith). Kitaab al-Ghaaraat of Abu Ishaaq Ibraaheem bin Muhammad Sa'eed bin Hilaal al-Thaqafee al-Asfahaanee (d. ~283H), this book has been published in Iran. Kitaab al-Maqaalaat wal-Firaq of Sa'd bini Abd Allah al-Ash'ari al-Qummee (d.d 301H), this book was also published in Iran in 1963CE. Firaq al-Shia of Abu Muhammad al-Hasan bin Moosaa al-Naubakhti (d. before 300H). This has been published numerous times and has an Orientalist print which was done in Istanbul in 1931CE. This contains a good section on Abdullah bin Saba' and his doctrines which can be found here. Rijal al-Kashi of Abu Amr Muhammad bin Umar bin Abd al-Aziz al-Kashi, (d. ~370H). This book has been published in Kerbala, Iraq. Rijaal al-Toosee by their shaykh, Abu Ja'far Muhammad bin al-Hasan al-Toosee (d. 460H). First edition published in al-Najaf in 1961CE distributed by Muhammad Kadhim al-Kutbee. Sharh Ibn Abi al-Hadeed li Najh al-Balaaghah of Abee Haamid Abd al-Hameed bin Hibat Allaah al-Madaa'ini (known as Ibn Abi al-Hadeed) al-Mu'tazili al-Shi'i (d. 656H). First edition published in 1326H. al-Rijaal by al-Hasan bin Yusuf al-Hillee (d. 726H), printed in Tehran (1311H) and al-Najaf (1961CE). Rawdaat al-Jannaat of Muhammad Baaqir al-Khawaansaari (d. 1315H), it was published in Iraan (1307H). Tanqeeh al-Maqaal Fee Ahwaal al-Rijaal by Abd Allaah al-Maamqaanee (d. 1351H), printed in al-Najaf (1350H). Qaamoos al-Rijaal of Muhammad Taqi al-Tustaree, printed ini Tehran (1382H). Rawdat al-Safaa, a book of history relied upon by the Shia in Persian (2/292), printed in Tehran. Al-Kunaa wal-Alqaab of Abbaas bin Muhammad Ridhaa al-Qummee (d. 1359H), printed in 1359H.

Refer to: Ibn Saba' Haqiqah Laa Khiyaal of Sa'di al-Haashimee. In subsequent articles we will document whatever we can of these aforementioned references from these particular source works inshaa'Allah.