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Between Naseer Al-Shirk Al-Toosee and Badr Al-Din Al-Hoothee: Lessons From History
Posted by Abu.Iyaad on Thursday, November, 07 2013 and filed under History

Ibn al-Qayyim (rahimahullaah) recounts to us the doings of Naseer al-Shirk al-Toosee in Ighaathat al-Lahafaan (Dar Ibn al-Jawzee, pp 1014-1015):

And then when the shift (of duty) came to Naseer al-Shirk wal-Kufr (the aider of shikr and kufr), the heretic, the minister of heretics, al-Naseer al-Toosee, the minister of Holaco, he healed (the vengeful lust) of his soul through subjecting the followers of the Messenger and the people of his religion to the sword, satisfying therein (the vengeful lust) of his brethren from the heretics, astrologers, naturalists and magicians. He transferred the endowments of schools, mosques and hospices to them and made them his close circle and his allies. And in his books he supported (the doctrine of) the eternity of the universe, invalidation of the resurrection and rejection of the attributes of the Lord, the Mighty and Majestic, (such as) His knowledge, power, life, hearing, seeing and vision and (supported the doctrine) that He is neither within the universe nor outside of it and that there is no deity worshipped that is above the Throne at all. When the heretics took over the schools, he (al-Toosee) wished for (the book) Ishaaraat of the Imaam of the Heretics, Ibn Sina, to take the place of the Qur'an but was not able so he said, "This is the Qur'an of the elite and that is the Qur'an of the common folk." And he wished to change the prayer, making it only two prayers (instead of five) but the affair was not completed for him. And at the end of the affair he learned magic, and became a magician, worshipper of idols.


Naseer al-Toosee was a minister for Holaco, a Mongol leader and he would direct the Mongols to the towns and cities of the people of Islam and Sunnah so that they could be slaughtered and wiped out. This is a lesson in history to understand the activities of the Raafidi Baatiniyyah and the Twelver Shi'ites. Today we see the Raafidi state of Iran propping up fifth columns of Raafidis in the various Sunni lands, in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and stoking up conflicts, such as what is occurring in Yemen. Badr al-Din al-Hoothee is a Twelver Shi'ite (converted from Zaydism, killed in 2004) as are the rest of his clan, and they have evil intentions and designs for the Sa'dah region, as they believe it is a strategic location for them that is implicated in the return of their Mahdi (learn more about here). The intent here that the Raafidah are a Trojan Horse into which every enmitous mulhid finds welcome, and the common element between them all is their intense enmity and hatred of the Companions and their followers. Badr al-Deen al-Hoothee said, "I, from my own self, believe in their Takfir - meaning the Companions - due to them having opposed the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu alayhi wa aalihi)" as reported from him by Abu Ja'far al-Mabkhoot (a Shia) in a meeting with him published on the website "The Fourteen Infallibles." And once more, it is not Badr al-Din al-Hoothee that we are focusing on here, but the machinery that is behind him, a machinery whose operation in history has been well-documented, and of which he was just a face and a front before perishing in 2004. That enmitous spirit and vengeful lust found with the Raafidee Baatinee Ismaa'eelees of old is fresh in the souls of the contemporaries, and for that reason we see al-Khomeini invoking mercy upon the likes of al-Toosee and drawing upon their implementation of taqiyah (dissimulation) as occurs in his book al-Hukumah al-Islaamiyyah.