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Uncovering the Hidden Realities of Hizbollah: Part 5 - The Hoothees in Yemen
Posted by Abu.Iyaad, Editor in General
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There are subsidiary branches (proxies) of Hizbollah in the Gulf states and the Arabian peninsula, all of them having the same aqidah and the same manhaj.

Hizbollah in Yemen

Hizbollah was present in Yemen with this name. However, considering what Hizbollah in Lebanon and the offshoots of this group had committed of crimes, assassinations and the likes, and the rejection of the Yemeni Muslim society of this particular faction, its beliefs and goals of spreading the Twelver Imaamiyyah version of Shi'ism into the society, they decided to keep away from this name and replace it with another. This new name was (الشباب المؤمنين) "The Youth Believers" and was chosen in the 90s. Numerous Zaydees were recruited who had converted from Zaydiyyah to Ithna Ashariyyah (Twelvers), or who remained upon their Zaydee madhhab but had been deceived. These people were then used as instruments and means for the Iranian Twelver Imaamiyyah penetration in Yemen. At the head of this pyramid is Husayn Badr al-Deen al-Hoothee (killed in 2004) and his father Badr al-Din al-Hoothee. These individuals were originally from the Jaaroodiyyah sect of the Zaydiyyah and they are the closest of the Zaydiyyah to the Twelver Imaamiyyah, and al-Hoothee had converted to Twelver Imaamism early on in his life as indicated by his travel to Iraan in order to drink from its Safavid supporter. The time of this conversion to Twelver Imaamism is said to be around 1997. The Zaydee scholars of Yemen freed themselves from al-Hoothee and his movement in a declaration which they called "A Declaration From the Scholars of the Zaydiyyah" and in which they refuted his claims, and warned from his misguidances.

The Twelver Shites hold the belief that before the arrival of their alleged Mahdee there will be revolutions that signal his coming, and this is confirmed by the Iranian, Ali al-Kawraani, who says that the leader of this revolution will be from the offspring of Zayd bin Alee and that the narrations mention his name as Hasan or Husayn and that he will emerge from Yemen from a town called Kar'ah and which is - as al-Kawraanee states - near to Sa'dah (north Yemen, close to Saudi border). This is an insinuation (by al-Kawrani) to the Hoothee revolution, and support of it through the belief and claim that it is the precursor revolution for the (world) revolution of their awaited Mahdee.

The Twelver Shite, Badr al-Deen al-Hoothee said, "I, from my own self, believe in their takfir - meaning the Companions - due to them having opposed the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu alayhi wa aalihi)" as reported from him by Abu Ja'far al-Mabkhoot (a Shia) in a meeting with him published on the website "The Fourteen Infallibles." He also announced the obligation of one-fifth of booty to be given to him (as mentioned in the book al-Harb Fi Sa'dah, p. 25), and this is one of the features of the Twelver Shia madhhab. And likewise a piece of mud from Kerbala was brought to him and he prostrated upon it, showing his deep following of the beliefs and practices of the Twelver Shia. It was this faction of Twelvers (just like in other places) which began causing turmoil, sedition and stirring up sentiments in Sa'dah, North Yemen. Iran gave ideological, material and military support to them with the aim of creating a Khomeini-type revolution in Yemen. The Iranian support for these people came through the Iranian embassy in San'aa and in one of their reports 42 million Yemeni riyals were given and split between support for the Hoothee organization, and indirect support to the various centres belonging to al-Hoothee in Sa'dah. And this support is besides the support the Hoothees receive from other Shia organizations, such as al-Khaw'ee Foundation (London), Ansaareen Foundation (Qum, Iraan), and al-Thaqalaayn Foundation (Kuwait), and foundations that follow Hizbollah in Lebanon and others. Sources close to the Yemeni government have also informed that Saudi Shites have also given material support to the Hoothees both before and after the turmoil (of fighting) - as reported in al-Watan newspaper of Qatar (17/9/2004). For this reason, the Yemeni president, Ali Abd Allaah Saalih asked about the source of this huge financial support for al-Hoothee in an address in which he insinuated the Shia and Iranian role in this support, since that type of support, strength and money and military resource simply cannot have come from within Yemen. As for military support then some of the Shia of Iraaq and some of the agents of revolution would come (to Yemen) to give training and direction with respect to combat. The "News Today" (Akhbaar al-Yawm) newspaper mentioned in one of its editions that a number of the followers of al-Hoothee who surrendered during the clashes confirmed training in military exercises following the Iranian revolutionary guards along with the Faylaq Badr (Shia Badr Brigades) in Iraaq.

The Yemeni court issued a judgement of execution for the spy Yahya Husayn al-Daylami after he was convicted of spying for Iran and communicating between Iran and the Hoothees. This is a proof for extent of involvement of Iranian Shia involvement in Yemen, and in effect, this judgement of the court, is a public announcement by the Yemeni government of Iran's official role in supporting the Hoothees in escalating the problems in Sa'dah. Al-Hoothee himself began to announce openly his loyalty to Hizbullah Lebanon by praising it and considering it the best example and by raising up (pictures) of the main figuures of Hizbollah Lebanon in some of their centres and during their demonstrations. With all this support from Iran, the Hawzah Ilmiyyah (Knowledge House) in Najaf (Iraq) and the Hawzah Ilmiyyah in Qum (Iran) both issued statements guaranteeing their stance with the Hoothee movement and defence of it, and they criticized the actions of the Yemeni government which tried to stop this rebellion and to put an end to it, and they (the Shia knowledge houses) were demanding freedom for the Twelver Imaamiyyah Shia movement in Yemen (refer to this statement of the knowledge house in Najaf in "al-Harb Fi al-Sa'dah" pp. 107-111). The Zaydee Scholars of Yemen wrote a refutation of this bayaan from Najaf and Qum. This also shows the tight co-operation between these Shia houses of knowledge and the Hoothee movement, especially when it is known that they do not speak about the atrocities committed against the people of the Sunnah in Iraq by the Jaysh Mahdi and Faylaq Badr (both Shia military).

Source: Adapted from Hizbullah al-Raafidee, Tarikh Aswad wa Iftiraa'aat (The Rafidi Hizbollah, a History of Darkness and Fabrications) of Sayyid Husayn al-Affaanee (Dar al-Affaanee, Cairo 1st edition, 1428H).


We see from the previous two articles, [Hizbollah in Bahrain (see here) and Hizbollah in Saudi (see here)] the activities of the Raafidah in setting up proxies within the Muslim lands and then providing ideological, material and military support as a means of working towards building and growing their Twelver Shite contingents, destabilizing those countries from within and using the slogans of "social justice" and "human rights" as means to the desired end. At the same time they set up organizations in the Western lands (London, Washington etc.) to protest for the same (social justice, human rights) to win sympathy for the cause and then in turn other Western secular organizations come onto the scene and make use of them for the (geo-political) ends of their own countries. Along with the Khawaarij, the Raafidah play an important role for the destabilization of these Muslim lands. In some of those lands (Saudi) some of the dumb and ignorant Khawaarij call for "nearness and dialogue" and "coexistence" with the Twelver Shites. But these communities of Shia have been made into proxies and fifth-columns for the Safavid Shia state of Iran and are secretly loyal to that Rafidi state and work towards and for its goals [of creating the precursory (revolutionary) environment needed for their awaited Mahdee to appear].

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