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From The Devious and Insidious Methods Used by Takfiris to Entrap Muslim Youth
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Topics: Takfiri Methodology Extremism

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In a program focusing on takfir and extremism aired on the Saudi TV channel "ar-Riyaadiyyah", broadcast in the Emirates over this past month of Ramadan (September 2008), Saudi Arabian youth who had been deceived by the takfiris gave accounts of the methods they witnessed and used by the takfiris to entrap potential recruits. The show also featured Shaikh Muhammad al-Faifee - from the Faculty of Teaching, University of Muhammad bin Saud, Riyaadh - who addressed the problem of extremism in takfir and how to tackle it.

Though we missed most of the program, from the interviews that we managed to catch towards the end was one in which the youth, who looked no older than 20 years of age, explained how the takfiri deviants would make promises of social security to potential recruits. They would make promises of providing for their families after their "martyrdom" through suicide bombings or suicide operations. A regular monthly payment for life was promised for their families as a means of alleviating any concerns or fears that the potential recruit may have.

To incite and goad these youth, the individual being interviewed explained that the takfiris would show them before and after photos of youth who had already engaged in such operations. However, using graphics software, the after photos would be altered in order to make the individuals faces look brighter. This method was used to encourage and convince the youth to give up their lives for a greater cause in iraq. The interviewee explained that these tactics were commonly used, and he expressed remorse and regret for wasting a fair portion of his youth in being involved with such people.

There were interviews with quite a number of youth in that program that revealed the highly corrupt and insidious nature of contemporary takfiri activities where the most basic fundamental and lofty human characteristics, such as truthfulness and honesty are cast aside with deception and fraud.

Imaam al-Aajurree (d. 360H / 970CE), a Muslim Scholar from the past wrote in his book called "ash-Sharee'ah" (1/325) regarding the orthodox Muslim position on such individuals who harbor the takfiri methodology:

The scholars, past and present, have not differed over the fact that the khawarij are a despicable people, and disobedient to Allah and His Messenger, regardless of their praying, fasting and that they exert great effort in worship, as this doesn't benefit them in the slightest.

They feign to enjoin the good and forbid the evil, but this didn't benefit them, because they misinterpret the Quran in accordance to their desires, and they try to camouflage their falsehood before the believers.

Allah, the Most High, warned against them, the Prophet (sallaahu alayhi was sallam) warned against them, the rightly guided Caliphs who succeeded him warned us against them, the Companions warned us against them, and similarly those who followed them in goodness.

The Khawaarij are the Shuraat (those who claim that they sold themselves seeking the pleasure of Allah), filthy and foul.

All who traverse upon their way, past and present, from the rest of the Khawaarij, inherit their belief. [They] rebel against the Muslim rulers and leaders, and declare the blood of the Muslims to be lawful.

Source: Islam Against Extremism

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