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Shaykh Salih Al-Suhaymee on ISIS (Daish) and the Alleged Khilafah: Treacherous Takfiri Kharijites
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Shaykh Salih al-Suhaymee, a Salafi scholar from the city of Madinah, speaks powerfully against the criminal takfiri Kharijites, claiming khilafah, ISIS ((Islamic State of Iraq and Syria):


  • This group is takfiri Kharijite which makes takfir (excommunicates) other Muslims merely because they belong to other factions (in Iraq/Syria). Other factions (al-Nusrah) are similar, but ISIS are more evil.

  • The claim of al-Bagdhadi being a khalifah was spoken against a few days ago and as for what they are calling to, it is the violation of the bai'ah (loyalty, pledge of allegiance) that already exists for the amir (leader) in this country (Saudi Arabia) and you know the ruling upon one who calls to violation of a bai'ah. This is treachery.

  • Numerous ahaadeeth which speak of the great crime of separating from the jamaa'ah and violating the bai'ah and acting treacherously are mentioned. So these people are treacherous and violators of their contracts.

  • They have no concern but takfir, they have made this to be their entire religion. They are misled by those they think are scholars and they do not return back to the judgement of Allaah nor to the Major scholars.

  • They fight behind a flag of partisanship [as evidenced by their takfir of other factions]. They are all ignoramuses, newly-arisen, foolish-minded.

  • The Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) warned against them in many narrations, "If I was to reach them I would slaughter them with the slaughtering of (the people of) Aad", "How good is the one whom they kill and they are the most evil of those killed beneath the canopy of the heaven", and "dogs of hellfire" and "they recite the Qur'an but it does not pass beyond their throats" and that "they depart from the religion like an arrow leaves the bow", and he informed that they will appear in every generation until the Dajjaal appears in their midst. And he also informed of the greatness of their worship (so as not to be deceived by it).

  • Historically, they killed Uthmaan and Alee (radiyallaahu anhumaa), they kill the people of Islaam, and those who killed those Caliphs took their actions as actions of extreme piety and devotion.

  • From their signs is that they conceal themselves and work in secrecy. Our religion is open and apparent, we do not have anything to hide. Sufyan al-Thawree said "When you see a people gathering together (secretly) at the exclusion of the general people, then know they are in the process of establishing misguidance".

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