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Neo-Conservative Douglas Murray Claims: 'The Islamic State Is Very Islamic'
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Responding to Mr. Murray's Claim

Let's see how Murray's claim faces up to documented historical facts about this alleged Islamic State and their ancestors in history. Equip yourself with a download of this e-book on the origins and history of the Kharijites and take note of the following points - which have been well known to Islamic scholars and their students for close to 14 centuries:

  1. The head of the Islamic State, the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) was challenged by a man who was judged a hypocrite by the Qur'an. The man took issue with distribution of wealth, he was discontent that he and his party did not receive what they desired. He ordered the Prophet to "Be just" and claimed, "This is not a division by which Allah's face is sought" meaning it was an insincere distribution. As the man walked away, the Prophet said, "From this man's offspring will appear a people who recite the Qur'an but it will not go beyond their throats" and "They will depart from the religion as an arrow passes straight through its game." In other traditions, he said "They are the most evil of creation" and "Wherever you find them kill them, for there is a reward for whoever kills them" and "They are the worst of those killed beneath the canopy of the sky" and "They speak with the most alluring speech of the creation" and "They are the Dogs of Hellfire." So the first point is that the ideological origins of this group (who are known today as al-Qaeda and ISIS) lie in a hypocrite who challenged the highest authority of the first Islamic State, the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam), motivated in that by a worldly, material affair.

  2. Further, the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) also prophesized that the third Caliph Uthman will be murdered unjustly by revolting hypocrites and that the fourth Caliph Ali will fight against the revolters and subdue them at a time of civil strife, and that they will never cease to appear throughout the ages, killing Muslims and causing turmoil, and that eventually the Dajjaal (Anti-Christ) will appear in the midst of their armies. These texts strongly convey that these Kharijite terrorists will remain at war with Islam and its people.

  3. Just as the Prophet prophesized, this group first appeared as a revolutionary group of thugs and bandits in the era of Uthman (radiyallaahu anhu). They descended from Kufah, Basrah and Egypt and besieged Uthmaan's house and after weeks, they burst in and brutally murdered a frail, 80-year old man, by stabbing him repeatedly. So this first band of Kharijite terrorists - declared hypocrites by the Prophet 25 years earlier - assassinated the highest authority figure of the Islamic State at the time.

  4. Over the next few years this group created civil strife between the Muslims leading to a number of clashes. During this era a group broke off from the main body of the Muslims (with these instigators at their nucleus) and isolated themselves first in a place called Haruraa, near to Kufah in Iraq. They excommunicated the Prophets Companions, declaring them apostates. Ali (radiyallaahu anhu), the fourth Caliph sent the scholar of the actual Islamic State, Ibn Abbaas (radiyallaahu anhu) to debate them. He went to them and found them given to worship but noted there was not a single Companion of the Prophet with them. They were simply ignorant worshippers taken over by their desires and ignorance. This proves that they were outside them main body of the Muslims, had broken away from the actual Islamic State, and never took knowledge from the Prophet's Companions, indicating that they were pseudo-scholars and disputants to the main body of Muslims.

  5. Ibn Abbas debated them and a third of them returned from their misguidance. The remainder persisted in their misguidance. Later they created their own "Islamic State" in Nahrawaan, 12 miles south of Baghdad. They began to recruit people under the guise of enjoining the good and targeted the ignorant and young. They began to slaughter those who did not agree with their ruling of disbelief upon the fourth Caliph Ali and also Muawiyah (radiyallaahu anhu). Their first victim was the Companion Abdullah bin Khabbaab, whom they killed along with the women of his household. No sooner had they shed blood, Ali was resolved to fight them, as he realised they were the ones mentioned by the Prophet. He fought them at Nahrawaan, the seat of their Islamic State, and defeated them. Those who escaped to various lands were to become the seeds of this extremist ideology which was prophesized to be at war with Islam for all time to come.

  6. A group of the Kharijites conspired together to assassinate the three major rulers of the Muslims, the heads of the Islamic State: Abd al-Rahmān bin Muljam agreed to assassinate Alī in Kūfah, al-Barrāk bin Abdullāh al-Tamīmī agreed to assassinate Muāwiyah in Syria and Amr bin Bakr agreed to assassinate Amr bin al-Aas in Egypt. The latter two failed but the first managed to assassinate Ali, the cousin of the Prophet and fourth righteous Caliph,, leader of the Islamic State. So let's see: Their ideological father, Dhul-Khuwaisarah al-Tamimi, a non-Muslim hypocrite challenged the authority of the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam), the leader of the Islamic State. The revolutionary Kharijite bandits assassinated Uthman, the third Caliph, leader of the Islamic State. Their assassins tried to murder the three leaders of the Islamic State in Kufah, Syria and Egypt, succeeding only in killing Ali, the fourth Caliph. And all the while, these people claimed they were the "Islamic State" in Nahrawaan and everyone who did not agree with them or migrate to them was an apostate, including the Prophet's Companions!

    Very Islamic Mr. Murray!

  7. This group expels Muslims from Islām on account of major sins, revolts against the rulers with arms and incites the masses to fight against them. They are mostly young in age, appear as pious worshippers, have not acquired knowledge from the scholars of Islām, make use of secrecy, come to the people under the guise of enjoining the good and prohibiting the evil and employ faulty interpretations of Islāmic texts due to their ignorance. They focus on revolt in the Muslim lands and desire power and authority without any regard to the inviolability of blood.

  8. In the 20th century, these Kharijites are represented, in successive stages, by the Muslim Brotherhood, then the various groups of Takfir and jihad which splintered from it following the spread of Sayyid Qutb's ideology in the 1960s and 1970s, then groups like Hizb al-Tahrir and al-Qaeda, and finally ISIS. The core ideology of these people is that all Muslim societies have reverted to pre-Islamic disbelief and are in fact even more severe in disbelief. Rectifying this situation in their view requires a struggle against all of these societies. Further, these destructive, harmful elements have routinely been used by Western powers for geopolitical goals, whether in Afghanistan (against Russia), Bosnia (against the Serbs), Libya (against Ghadaffi) or Syria (against Assad). Today, they doing an extremely good job in helping to reshape the Middle East at the expense and detriment of millions of innocent Muslim, men, women and children in those lands.

    Very Islamic Mr. Murray!

  9. The heads of these Kharijite terrorists have made it clear that their primary targets are Muslims and their rulers. They believe that unless and until they conquer the Islamic lands, specifically, Makkah and Madinah and take rule over the Arabian peninsula, they will not have established genuine authority, a genuine "Islamic State." It is only then, they believe, that they will wage their alleged "Jihad against the disbelievers." Their jihad is against Muslims and their states, their rulers and their scholars and this has always been their field of activity ever since they first appeared. For every day that passes by, these Kharijite terrorists commit the equivalent of three 7/7 London bombing attacks where the vast majority of victims are Muslims (see research here). These terrorist attacks against Muslims - their primary targets - go virtually unreported whilst attacks in Western cities receive sustained coverage, thereby giving a completely distorted and false picture that these people are primarily at war with the West, when their actual war is fundamentally with Islam itself as evidenced by both their ideology and their actual behaviour. Yes, there are acts of terrorism in the West, but they pale into insignificance compared to the carnage they are doing daily in the Muslim lands.

It is clear from just the above considerations alone (and we could go on and on) that to say these people are "very Islamic" is to share with these very terrorists in their misunderstanding and distortion of Islaam, and it is a mighty fabrication, coming from a person wanting of both common sense and intellect. Indeed, we close on the point we started with: There is one thing common between the Kharijite Extremists and the Islamophobic haters: Both have a distorted, warped, twisted understanding of Islam and proceed in their respective activities upon that warped, twisted, mangled understanding.

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